Owning a home is an important milestone for many people because it provides stability and it can be the key to building generational wealth in a family. There are many important players that work together to ensure that the whole process of acquiring the property flows smoothly and successfully.

Notaries play an important role in real estate transactions by ensuring that all documents are properly executed and returned to the title company. Loan signing agents, also known as notary signing agents, help new homebuyers complete their purchases by guiding them through the signing and notarizing of real estate properties.

The Role of a Notary

Acts as a Witness
Your Notary plays a key role as an impartial witness for the transaction. They will observe the transaction and contract signing during the real estate acquisition process.

Verifies a Signer’s Identity
The notary can verify the identity of a signer through personal knowledge, or by using a credible witness. A credible witness must be known to the signer of the document. They must have valid ID and sign an affidavit. The state of Florida requires two creditable witnesses. Another way to verify a signer’s identity is through identification documents like a driving license or passport.

Administer Oaths Administering the oath is when a notary public asks the parties involved in the transactions the truthness of their statements.

Validating of Conditions of the Contract and Documents
A notary is responsible for ensuring that the parties involved in a purchase contract comply with the set conditions and rules, including those made by the lender. They are also responsible for notarizing and witnessing the title deeds and acquired rights to the property in question. Notaries will make acknowledgment of legal documents, including real property deeds.

Prepares Documents for the Contract
The notary public is responsible for the preparation of the deed of sale, contracts, and the certificates needed in the process.

Notarizing Buyers Documents

It is the duty of the notary public to execute the real estate signing process. They will start by confirming the signer’s identity. Then they will then start the notarization process. Usually in Florida, the buyer or mortgagor will need to sign anywhere from 50 to 150 pages of documents. The mobile notary will notarize the mortgage, affidavit of occupancy, compliance agreement, name affidavit and maybe a document or two for the title company.

Notarizing Seller Documents

Real estate sellers only have 10 to 20 pages of documents to sign. Usually in Florida the deed, seller’s affidavit, bill of sale, disbursement authorization, and non-identity affidavit get notarized.  

Mobile Notaries Come to You

When you engage a mobile notary service, they provide efficient services and you can save a lot of time by not having to travel to the notary’s office. Mobile notaries will print documents and bring them to the closing. They are available 24/7, and offer reasonable charges for their services.

To avoid Fraud acts

The presence of a notary will protect both the seller and buyer from any fraud-related activities. They will ensure that all documents are original, and confirm the identity of the parties involved.

Notaries have a crucial role in the real estate process because they ensure that all documents are properly signed, witnessed and notarized. The presence of a notary public will protect the buyer and the seller and ensure that there is a smooth transaction. If you are buying or selling property, be sure to work with a professional and reputable notary.

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