Every time you sell a home or buy a property, certain paperwork must be notarized. With such important assets as well as sums of money changing hands, a contract is necessary and signatures must be witnessed to ensure the entire exchange is lawful. Traditionally, having a signature notarized requires going to the notary public with a print-out of every document. In a multi-stage property sale process, you may find yourself at the notary office again and again. Fortunately, technology is updating the way we notarize. Today, cutting-edge web video and verification technology can be used to provide virtual as well as remote online notary services. Those who perform these services are known as RON or Remote Online Notaries.

Are you handling a real estate deal and need notary services? A real estate RON can connect all your document signing needs without the constant visits to your local notary office.

What is a RON: Remote Online Notary

RON stands for Remote Online Notary. Once certified, an online notary can provide you all the services of a live notarization but without the hassle of driving and meeting in person. Whether your schedule is too busy or you are concerned about safety, an online notarization service makes it easy for real estate buyers, sellers, as well as brokers to take care of the necessary paperwork more quickly from wherever is most convenient for you.

Virtual Real Estate Notary Services

Real estate notarization is an unavoidable part of buying or selling property. You’ll need to notarize your deed, bill of sale, affidavits, certifications, as well as bank disbursement. In fact, you will likely need a notary at several points in the process, and a great deal of notarization when it comes time to close. So, why go to your local notary or title companies office every single time?

Documents Notarized in a Home Sale

These are the most common documents that need notarization in a real estate deal.

  • Mortgages for Purchase or Refinance
  • Property Deeds
  • Bills of Sale
  • Name Affidavit
  • Owner’s Affidavit
  • Certification of Trust
  • Bank Disbursement Authorization

Real estate RON services streamline every notarization you need, quickly and easily accessible online. Schedule your notarization quickly. Then meet your notary as well as other real estate parties in the deal to sign and notarize every document as soon as the need arises.

What You’ll Need for RON Services in Pompano Beach, FL

Due to Florida regulations, we will need specific identifying documents to provide notarization services. Every party in the notarization will need to have:

  • Valid US Social Security Number
  • Valid US Drivers License ID or State ID Card
  • Some US Credit History
    • with unlocked credit reports
  • Valid US Cell Phone Number
    • VOIP and cable numbers don’t work

Passports can’t be verified, so they don’t meet Florida’s ID requirements for online notarization.

Mobile and Web Portal Access

Get your real estate documents notarized anywhere at any time. Our team doesn’t just offer online notary services, we’re also available through a secured mobile app. The app works to help you verify your identity. It also provides a camera through which your virtual notary can observe a legal and willing signature.

Need to notarize quickly on the property? No problem, both you as well as your opposite party can pull out your phones. Want to celebrate your 2 AM negotiation completion by notarizing immediately? We’re on mobile and available 24/7.

Find Online Notary Services for Your Florida Real Estate Deal

Real estate is a complex and important exchange between buyers as well as sellers. Whether you are buying or selling, let us make your real estate deal smooth without the interruption of visits to the notary office. With our expert RON services, you can complete every legally signed and witnessed step without delay.

Contact us to schedule your next notarized document!

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