When it comes to estate planning, having a notarized last will and testament is an important step that everyone should undertake. This document ensures that your wishes are carried out after you pass on and secures your family’s future in your absence. However, many people don’t know how to go about notarizing their will. At Notary Service of Pompano Beach 24/7 & Mobile, we will provide guidance on the process of notarization, address some of your concerns, and put your mind at ease.

What Is A Last Will and Testament?

A last will and testament is an estate planning legal document that will express your wishes as to how you want your property distributed after your death and to which person will manage your estate until its final distribution. There are other uses of the will like deciding on how debts and taxes will be paid and appointing guardians of the property, family, and pets. We are an authorized firm that can perform such legal formalities and help you in the notarizing of this document to secure your estate and family in case of your demise.

We are able to notarize your will whether prepared by an attorney or not provided that the required conditions are met. The testator must be present, of sound mind, and competent to execute the will. The signer in charge must be known to the owner of the will and provide the appropriate identification documents while of sound mind too.

There are cases where our clients may use a notarized self-proving affidavit that will make it easier to get through probate which is the official proving of a will after death. We are cautious when dealing with last wills because an improperly drafted document that has been notarized could be challenged in court and be declared null and void.

Special Cases When We Can Decline Offering Notary Services

There have been cases where we can decline to notarize your last will such as when the testator asks us questions about the contents that should be in the will. As your notary firm, we are not allowed to answer any questions related to legal advice. We strictly do not offer advice on your will execution or offer legal counsel. Seek the services of an attorney in case you have any questions related to your will and the contents.

A last will and testament is an important document to have in place for your estate planning. Through our guidance and expertise, we will ensure that your will is notarized correctly and has the greatest chance of being upheld in court. If you have any questions about the process or would like help notarizing your will, please contact us. Notary Service of Pompano Beach 24/7 & Mobile offers professional notary services as well as a variety of estate planning packages to fit your needs and help secure your future.

Notary Services of Pompano Beach 24/7 & Mobile

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